Dublin on a Budget

Dublin on a Budget

**We've listed some suggestions for your visit below, please note that these activities are not part of the ESRA Congress nor is the Congress in charge of organizing any of these activities.

For those looking for budget-friendly options in Dublin, look no further. Dublin offers plenty of activities and sights that won't require you to spend a lot of money, while at the same time ensure that you see the city in full.

See also the Visit Dublin website and this great 3-day budget-friendly itinerary they recommend.

Walking Tours

Walking tours are a great way to explore a city and to get to know all its ins and outs. Have a look at some of these options for free walking tours, or use the below tips and tour the city yourself!

Dublin Discovery Trails

The "Dublin Discovery Trails" are a series of free self-guided walking tours, accessible on your phone! Download the app and choose your desired path. There are tours of Dublin's Northside, historic routes to relive the 18th and 19th century or a walk around design and architecture. Take a free tour with the click of a button.

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Talking Statues

Dublin is full of sculptures and statues that tell the history of the city and of its famous residents. Interested to hear what they have to tell you about themselves and their surroundings? Simply pass by any statue on the map, use your phone to go to the web link or scan the QR code that are both presented on a nearby sign, and hear the story the statue has to tell!

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Free walking tours

There are several guided walking tours on offer in Dublin that are free of charge. View the below links for details:

Sandeman New Europe Free Tours >>

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Dublin is full of culture, art and history. Get a taste of Dublin's culture, free of charge, by visiting museums throughout the city. Here are a few options for you to choose from:

National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery has something for everyone, as it hosts an extensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other types of work. Admission to the permanent collection is free, the temporary exhibition can come at a charge. For current events and exhibitions, view the website.

Dublin City Gallery - The Hugh Lane

Even though the city is bursting with history, this museum offers an impressive collection of contemporary and modern art. It is thought to be one the first galleries of modern art in the world and is situated in a townhouse from 1765. Admission is free, and as stated on their website, all are welcome!

National Museum

The National Museum could be viewed as four different museums, as it is spread over four locations, each with a different focus. You get to choose between Archaeology, Decorative Arts, Natural History and Country Life. Admission to all four sites of the National Museum of Ireland is free.


Sights & Attractions

Go Green

Dublin is incredibly green, with many parks, gardens, and has the largest city park in Europe. While in Dublin, become a local and take a stroll, have a picnic or enjoy the beautiful gardens. Highlights include the Phoenix Park, St. Stephen's Green and the Victorian People's Flower Gardens.

In addition, Dublin has many historic houses and castles that are worth a visit. Most of them will charge a (fairly cheap) ticket price, but if you do not want to pay an admission fee, you could consider a stroll around the grounds. The grounds of Dublin Castle, for example, can be visited for free.


Dublin Doors

A visit to Dublin is not complete without having spotted one of the Dublin Doors. Dublin's colourful collection of doors are scattered throughout the city and date back to the 1700s. Strict regulations on architecture style led to the same uniform look and lack of originality. To break away from the strict rules, residents began adding their own personal flair to their doors. Have a stroll around the city and get your own impression from the interesting Dublin Doors.

Dublin Doors.jpg

Irish Music & Nightlife

Ireland has a long and rich history of folk music, that is present in Irish life and culture to this day. It is well-worth to grab a beer in a pub and listen to some traditional Irish music. You can find musicians playing in pubs every night of the week.


Distilleries & Breweries

Don't want to miss out on the famous Guinness Storehouse or the Old Jameson Distillery? These attractions can be booked online in advance. The Guinness Storehouse offers up to 30% off the regular ticket price if you book beforehand through their website.


O'Connell Bridge
The O'Connell Bridge is a small attraction that deserves to be on the "to-see" list for Dublin. The bridge is not only an iconic mark of the city but is also famous throughout Europe for its unique dimensions. It is one of the only bridges in the world that is wider than it is long.
O'Connell Bridge.jpg

Street art
There is quite some impressive street art to be found on the walls of Dublin. Have a look at these top five pics to guide you through some of the best works you need to pass by.


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