ESRA 2016 - Awards

ESRA 2016 - Awards

Albert Van Steenberge Honorary Lecture 2016

The ESRA Albert Van Steenberge Honorary Lecture was created in 2011 as an ESRA Congress award,  after the sad loss of one of our Society's founders in 2010.

This years winner is:

Bomberg H,                Kubulus C,                  List F,              Albert N,

Schmitt K,                   Gräber S,                     Kessler P,        Steinfeldt T,

Standl T,                     Gottschalk A,              Wirtz SP,         Burgard G,

Geiger P,                     Spies CD,                    Volk T;

German Network for Regional Anaesthesia Investigators.


Diabetes: a risk factor for catheter-associated infections.

Reg Anesth Pain Med. 2015 Jan-Feb;40(1):16-21

Carl Koller Award 2016

The Carl Koller Award is the recognition of ESRA to the outstanding lifetime contribution to the field of Regional Anaesthesia and/or Pain Medicine. This award is presented once a year at the ESRA Congress.

This year it will be a​warded to :

Vincent Chan. Canada

Ultrasound in Regional Anesthesia - What is the Next Frontier?​

Recognition of Education in Regional Anesthesia​ Award 2016

ESRA undertakes to support outstanding innovative activities or strategies in the field of
Regional Anaesthesia by annually bestowing the Regional Anaesthesia Award. Such
activities and strategies contribute to the conveyance and implementation of scientific evidence into clinical practice of Regional Anaesthesia and postoperative pain therapy and are deemed outstanding. 

This year it will be a​warded to :

Xavier Sala-Blanch. Spain​​

ESRA  Research Grant Award 2016​

The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and & Acute Pain Management (ESRA) proudly presents the ESRA Research Grant in order to achieve the distinctive goals of ESRA, such as
• to encourage specialisation of anaesthesiologists and other physicians in regional anaesthesia or pain management
• to promote, sponsor and encourage research in experimental, epidemiological or clinical settings regarding regional anaesthesia or pain management
• to help anaesthesiologists in under resourced countries to develop their scientific programmes​

This year it will be a​warded to :

Dr. Kris Vermeylen and Dr. Werner ten Hoope

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