ESRA 2016 - Workshops

ESRA 2016 - Workshops

Workshops are on a first come first serve basis and payment is required in order to secure your spot. Unpaid Workshops will be automatically cancelled after 30 days.

All Hands Workshop

All Hands Workshop 0109-Sep-168:3013:30
​All Hands Workshop 0310-Sep-168:3013:30

Cadaver Workshop

Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0108-Sep-168:3011:30
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0208-Sep-1612:0015:00
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0308-Sep-1615:3018:30
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0409-Sep-168:3011:30
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0509-Sep-1612:0015:00
Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 0609-Sep-1615:3018:30

Hands on Clinical Workshop Adult

(FULL) ​​1- Adult - Alternative Indications of US08-Sep-16​9:00​10:30​
(FULL) 9- Adult - Trunk I08-Sep-169:0010:30
(FULL) 7- Adult - Neuraxial I08-Sep-16​11:00​12:30​
(FULL) 5- Adult - Lower Limb I08-Sep-1611:0012:30
(FULL) 11- Adult - Upper Limb I
(FULL) 3- Adult - Chronic Pain I
(FULL) 8- Adult - Neuraxial II08-Sep-16​15:30​17:00​
(FULL) 2- Adult - Cervical I08-Sep-16​15:30​17:00​
(FULL) 10- Adult - Trunk II08-Sep-1617:0018:30
(FULL) 4- Adult - Chronic Pain II
09-Sep-16 9:00
(FULL) 12- Adult - Upper Limb II10-Se​p-1610:0011:30
(FULL)​ 6- Adult - Lower limb II10-Sep-1611:3013:00

Hands on Clinical Workshop Pediatric

(FULL) 4- Pediatric - trunk09-Sep-16​13:30​15:00​
(FULL) 5- Pediatric - upper limb I09-Sep-1617:0018:30
(FULL) 2- Pediatric - lower limb I09-Sep-1617:0018:30
3- Pediatric - lower limb II10-Sep-168:3010:00
(FULL)​ 6- Pediatric - upper limb II10-Sep-1610:0011:30
(FULL) 1- Pediatric - neuraxial10-Sep-1611:3013:00


(FULL) 2- CENTRAL: Epidural Alert System: how to implement hospital wide?07-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL)​ 6- CHRONIC PAIN: Obesity and pain sensitivity. Potential mechanisms underlying the obesity-pain link07-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL) ​​​15- CHRONIC PAIN: What to do with facial pain ?07-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL) 11- OBSTETRIC: Regional Anesthesia in the obese: problems and solutions07-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL) 8- PEDIATRIC: Postoperative pain management of scoliosis surgery07-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL)​ 10- CHRONIC PAIN: Preventing chronic pain08-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL)​ 5- CHRONIC PAIN: Neuropathic pain after breast cancer surgery08-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL) 4- POSTOPERATIVE: Infusion pumps and protocols: how to set up contn​uous peripheral nerve blocks08-Sep-1612:3013:30
1- PEDIATRIC: Effects of opioids and pain in the developing brain of neonates08-Sep-1612:3013:30
(FULL) 7- CHRONIC PAIN: Pelvic pain09-Sep-1612:3013:30
​9- OBSTETRIC: Preeclampsia and anesthesia09-Sep-1612:3013:30
14- POSTOPERATIVE: What is the role of PIEB ?09-Sep-1612:3013:30

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