ESRA 2017- Industry Supported Sessions

ESRA 2017- Industry Supported Sessions

SupporterDateSession TimeLocation
SinteticaThursday, September 1411:00 - 12:00Room B3
Halyard         Thursday, September 1413:00 - 14:00Room B1
B. BraunThursday, September 1413:00 - 14:30    Room A

Industry Symposium 1​- supported by Sintetica

Thursday, 14 September, 2017| 11:00-12:00| Room B3

Fast Track Spinal Today

Chair: Jose' De Andres

Fast track spinal or GA: a pharmaco-economic perspective- Marc Schmittner

Fast track spinal every day: the clinical settings-Emmanuel Guntz

Fast track spinal as gold standard for short surgeries: what's missing- Karl Hampl


Industry Symposium 2-  supported by Halyard   

Thursday, September 14, 2017 | 13:00-14:00| Room B1

Non-Opioid Novel Pain Therapy Solutions  Continuum of Care for Knee, Hip & Sternotomy Surgery Patients

Chair: Asokumar Buvanendran


Industry Symposium 3-  supported by B. Braun

Thursday, 14 September, 2017| 13:00-14:30| Room A

Ultrasound-guided procedures in regional anesthesia: past, present and future

Chair:  Paul Kessler

Ultrasound, and how it advanced daily Regional Anesthesia-Paul Kessler

Xperius Ultrasound System – Design & Impact on Regional Anesthesia Ergonomics -Thorsten Steinfeld

Needle Visualization, Guidance and Tracking Technologies -Geert Jan van Geffen

Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation: a new Needle Tracking Technology- Axel Sauter

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