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A Message from the ESRA president



The 36th Annual ESRA Congress took place in Lugano, Switzerland in September 2017 and was a huge success. Hear from top leaders in your field talk about the key issues Anaesthesiologists are facing today, the next hot topics we should address and explain how the Congress workshops help you advance your career.

What's the Next Hot Topic in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy?


Why Should Early Career Anaesthesiologists attend ESRA?

ESRA is Key for Comfortable Care Everywhere


How does Attending Workshops Help you Professionally?



The 3rd ESRA Pain Cadaver & 26th R.A. Cadaver Workshops took place in Madrid, May 2017, and Florian Locatelli, ESRA Chief Executive Officer, talked to the participants.

Listen to the experiences of your colleagues at the workshops.

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''A good opportunity to learn practical aspects''


''There is a very high level of expertise here, the instructors are at the forefront of their area''


''I've learned a lot of new methods and techniques, we got to use some of the latest methods''


''You have the opportunity to see the live models and then to practice on the cadaver''


''The participation of ESRA gives an international dimension''


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